Combined quality processes and independently certified translators

Sophisticated, tested and certified processes enhance the quality of translations. However, quality can really only be optimised if the respective translator possesses the relevant skills and qualifications.

We not only implement optimised processes in compliance with ISO17100 but also work with the best translators.

Our translators have successfully made it through our strict selection process and have equally been certified and tested by independent external institutions (universities, certification bodies, etc.)

Our translations are of excellent quality and mainly stand out because

  • Our processes are in compliance with ISO 17100, and we work with independently certified translators.
  • Our translators have been selected according to strict and extensive internal processes and
  • Have also had their professional skills tested, certified and confirmed by an external institution.
  • All translators work with the same modern technical tools, e.g. CAT tools, automatic terminology databases, sophisticated QA programmes, etc.

Let us persuade you of our outstanding translation quality and our excellent customer service. Test us and you will see that these are not just empty words.