Proven quality in conformity with ISO 17100

All of our processes and quality assurance measures are designed to offer our customers translations of outstanding quality. More than 1.000 customers have already recommended our affordable high-quality translations to their peers and colleagues. Our translation processes strictly conform to the criteria of ISO 17100.

You are guaranteed to receive professional, error-free and highly affordable translations at all times. By using cutting-edge technologies like translation memories, glossaries, terminology databases, etc., we’re able to ensure that specialised terms are translated consistently and that a uniform style is maintained throughout. Furthermore, matches (previously translated segments stored in the translation memory) are charged at a greatly reduced rate, just enough to cover any revision or proofreading that might be necessary. You can find our discount scaling under conditions.

Our translators have successfully made it through our strict selection process and have equally been certified and tested by independent external institutions (universities, certification bodies, etc.)

The translations and our translation management are done in accordance with the strict criteria of ISO 17100. Essentially, this means that:

  • projects are only assigned to duly qualified and experienced translators who exclusively translate into their mother tongues
  • all translators are under contract and have been tested multiple times in a stringent selection process
  • we always make sure to determine the client’s individual requirements prior to implementing a translation project
  • we allocate projects to translators with specialist qualifications, e.g. engineers in case of technical texts or sworn translators with legal training in case of legal texts.
  • all translations are proofread and thoroughly checked by a second colleague, who is also a native speaker of the respective target language
  • translations from one foreign language to another foreign language are done directly, without the use of an intermediate translator
  • every single translation is proofread, checked and edited
  • we create and maintain customer-specific terminology databases
  • we use cutting-edge technology, e.g. CAT tools
  • we allocate follow-up projects to the same translator
  • the integrity of your data is guaranteed throughout all process steps
  • your translation is delivered on time and we maintain absolute confidentiality.

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