Cost transparency

Cost transparency

We do not hide anything. For each individual translation enquiry or project, we provide detailed information on the individual costs. You are thus able to see every single word and the discounted rate that applies to it.

To be more precise, this means that:

  • every document is checked for peculiarities or special requirements
  • data (e.g. for PDFs, image files, website) is prepared and finalised free of charge
  • you receive detailed, transparent quotes with discounts on repetitions and matches from the translation memory
  • you are granted discounts of up to 100% for perfect matches
  • we use and update your translation memory
  • you are granted discounts when you provide us with glossaries or terminology databases

Discount scaling thanks to the use of CAT tools

Thanks to the use of CAT tools, we can also guarantee that our discount scaling will be applied. Especially for subsequent projects or when you allocate multiple projects to the same translation agency, you can achieve substantial savings. We store your translation in a translation memory (electronic database). For every new project, the files to be translated are checked for matches in this database. Thus, if matches are found (sentences/words that are very similar or identical to sentences/words that have already been translated in previous projects), you are granted a discount of up to 100% on these matches, depending on the matching percentage.

The following discount scaling applies:

Discount scale

No matches and matches < 85%


Fuzzy matches 2 = 85% - 94%


Fuzzy matches 1 = 95% - 99%




100 % matches (ohne Kontext)


Perfect matches (im Kontext)