Transcription & subtitling

Transcription & subtitling

Transcription & subtitling

Transcribing texts is a very time-consuming business. It often takes several hours to transcribe even just a short dialogue. All the more reason for you to focus on your core business and have your texts transcribed by us.

We have the necessary expertise when it comes to transcribing interviews, videos, conferences, audio files, etc.

Our experienced employees are true experts concerning the transcription of recordings from a vast array of subject areas.


Subtitling (adding subtitles to a media file) is an affordable way of publishing films and videos in other languages. What is more, they make audiovisual content accessible to people who are deaf or hearing-impaired.

When using subtitles, the original audio is retained. Subtitles are also a great way to improve your foreign language skills.

Subtitles are written in very easy-to-read fonts, colours and sizes and shortened when necessary to fit on the screen.


We offer subtitling in over 50 languages. Ask us today and receive a free and non-binding quote.