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Brand check

A brand check, linguistic name check or linguistic check is essential when it comes to finding new names for a product or a service your company wants to offer, or even when you want to find a new name for a company. If, for example, a product is to be launched on the global market, it is crucial that this product doesn’t evoke any negative associations or have any negative connotations. In addition, the product name should be easy to pronounce in the relevant country so that it is easily remembered. A good name helps boost product sales, whereas a bad name...

Even before you start using a new name, our experienced native speakers check it for associations, linguistic characteristics , etc. for your brand. Our natives live in their respective countries of origin and thus participate actively in changes to their language and culture. We have developed a special procedure for this and have acquired the necessary competence regarding linguistic evaluations thanks to our extensive experience spanning more than 15 years.

The main purpose of a linguistic name check is to ensure that the name has no negative connotations (insults, associations with war, sexual harassment, etc.) in a major language. You might have heard of a few famous examples of unfortunate name choices such as the Mitsubishi “Pajero” (Spanish word for “wanker”) or the company called “Nigaz”. Even major corporations like Proctor & Gamble have dropped the ball before; the name “Vicks” has quite a different ring to it in Germany, where the word happens to be an expletive.

Mistakes like these can be easily avoided with a simple linguistic brand check. So don’t let this happen to you. Ask us about our brand check service today. We’re happy to help.