About Us

ProLangua Communications is an innovative translation and language service provider. With us, you can simply order a translation or another language-related service with just a few clicks of the mouse! Professional top-notch translations done by experienced, specialist translators and offered at highly affordable rates. All translations are done in accordance with the strict quality criteria of ISO 17100.

ProLangua is a t-works Group company and is among the leading translation service providers specialising in technical translations, particularly in the fields of technology and business. Thanks to almost 20 years of experience, we’re able to offer you outstanding, professional language services. Our service combines ultra-modern, state-of the-art technology with experienced and certified professional translators. All our measures and processes are designed to offer you the best possible translation quality at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, our processes are very lean, simple, and completely geared towards optimising translation quality. Our success does not depend on large overheads or expensive online marketing campaigns, which you as a customer would ultimately have to pay for. Rather, our success and our growth depend on our customers recommending our service to their colleagues, friends, and peers.