Individual advice

Individual advice


Providing you individual advice is extremely important to us!

The translation industry is increasingly dominated by more and more standardised processes and machine translations based on AI (artificial intelligence, neural networks). This development also has positive aspects to it, as translations tend to become more affordable as a result. However, online platforms and software cannot do all of the work. You often have to take care of the layout, graphics and tables yourself or request advice. Pure translation platforms that do not offer any individualised customer service or support are ultimately unlikely to generate any added value for most companies, since you have to do most of the work yourself (creating projects and compiling the required information, checking the status of the project, uploading or downloading files, formatting, changes or supplements to the documents that are to be translated). What’s more, the service provider usually does not approach you proactively. In the end, you require additional staff and do not save money or get better service - quite the opposite.

Individual customer support, proactive project management and top-quality service are and will remain indispensable despite the use of state-of-the-art technology. They provide the added value that you as a customer can and should expect.

We offer you:

  • Full individual support and service provided by professional translators and project managers who excel at what they do
  • Constant availability via our service hotline: +49 (0) 30 346 24 008 or via e-mail: translation(at)
  • Individual replies in response to your specific queries and questions regarding a project
  • A response to your inquiry within just a couple of minutes
  • Quotes within max. 4 hours
  • Projects are also processed at night and at the weekend, without any extra charges

Many companies of varying sizes already appreciate our commitment to excellent customer service and allocate their translation projects exclusively to us. Thanks to our affordable top-notch translations and our clear focus on customer service, we’ve developed into a leading language service provider. Today, we have more than 1.000 satisfied customers and complete more than 5.000 translation projects per year.