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Satisfied clients who have been placing their trust in us for years


Experienced and innovative

ProLangua is your strong and professional translation provider with more than 20 years of experience, offering tailor-made language services. With our innovative technologies, we offer you full control over all your translation projects. Together with you, we optimise your translation process and help you significantly increase efficiency and reduce translation costs to a minimum.

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Quality & ISO 17100

Outstanding quality thanks to proofread translations and certified translators as well as sophisticated quality assurance processes and measures – always strictly in accordance with ISO 17100. For many years, well-known companies from all over the world have already been placing their trust in us and our competitive translation and language services.

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Together we are strong

Together we are strong. ProLangua Communications is part of the t’works Group, one of the largest international translation providers. With 10 different language hubs and 150 inhouse translators in Berlin, Leipzig, Landshut/Geisenhausen, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Mulhouse, Lyon, Utrecht, Verona and Toronto as well as 16 strategic translation partners at 20 further locations, the t’works Group is represented all across the world.

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